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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Pacquiao lost to Bradley! It can’t be, the PacMan never loses! He should have lost to Marquez in his last fight but in this one the stats were clearly on Manny’s side. We watched it live in the function room of our apartment building courtesy of a new Cable TV company which wants to sell their purely HD channels to us. After the fight, as Sam and I walked out of the function room, we met Fr. Arnold who says Mass in our building’s Chapel. He was holding up a hand written sign saying in big letters “I’M FOR BRADLEY” and underneath “Now let’s go to Church”. I was really glad to see him looking well because I know that he has been quite ill while I have been away. He confirmed to me that he is fully recovered.

Lunch was Chili con carne and rice at home, for dinner we went to The Last Chukka at the Polo Club and I had a Pizza Antonio. I have to carbo load to watch the French Open Men’s Final!

I called Sky Cable this evening to upgrade our subscription as Linds had cut it down to the absolute minimum while I have been away.

Talking to Customer Services rep 1: “I want to upgrade my Sky Cable subscription.” I have to give my name and account number. CSR1: “I will pass you on to someone else.”

Talking to Customer Services rep 2: “I want to upgrade my Sky Cable subscription.” CSR2: “Can I have your name please?” I give it. CSR2: “And your full address?” Me: “Wouldn’t it be simpler if I gave you my account number?”

CSR2: “OK Sir”. I give her the account number. “How may I help you?” Me: “I want to upgrade to a package which gives me Star Sports, ESPN and HBO.” CSR2: “That would be Gold sir, it will cost x.” Me: “That’s fine, please do it for me now.” CSR2: “I can’t sir, you need to send us a letter.” Me: “Why?” CSR2: “We need documentation.” Me: “OK give me the email address. What happens after I send the email, you activate it immediately?” CSR2: “No sir, someone will call you back.” Me (getting a tad irritated): “You have got to be kidding me! That’s just stupid.”

CSR2: “Sir, send the email right now and I will stay on the line and deal with it.” I send the email, she confirms receipt. CSR2: “Please turn on your Cable box and TV and check Channels 32, 36 and 54.” I do so and Yes! It’s done.

Me: “Thank you, now I also want to subscribe to your Euro 2012 and Olympics package.” CSR2: “I’m sorry sir, it isn’t available. We are unable to show Euro 2012 at this time due to technical difficulties.” Me: “You are aware that Euro 2012 has already started?” CSR2: “Yes sir, we will notify you when we can offer that package.” Technical difficulties my (swollen) foot, I’m about to watch the French Open live. More like the price they were asked to pay for the rights to show it outweighed the interest here. Football is not that popular here, but it is gaining followers. I’ll bet the technical difficulties disappear immediately Euro 2012 finishes.

Dealing with Customer Services at big companies. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

I have added a page showing my Transplant Schedule for those who are interested in the day by day procedures. Now that I am home I have access to our scanner and have been scanning lots of important documents. Tomorrow is a busy day with banking and legal stuff to attend to.

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