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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

We spent over an hour in a bank this morning sorting out bank account stuff which required both signatures. I spent the afternoon scanning more medical documents and emailing them to various doctors and the insurance company. And paid a few bills.

Igna came to visit this afternoon which was great. She had a lot of S$ left so we swapped them to Pesos at a good rate for her. She is such a treasure and looked after us so well in Singapore. She takes the bus to Bicol tonight for a holiday at home. The trip will take all night but she is a very sprightly 76 year old!

I met up with Dan for dinner and a catch up. I have known him since 1989 when I started dating Linds and she introduced us. It was great to see him again and find out what’s going on with his family. 3 days of being at home and normality is such that I almost forgot to take my pre-food drugs before I left for the dinner!

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