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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

A bit more sleep last night but no sleeping tablet. I was tempted to take one at around 3:30am. Linds said she woke up a couple of times and I was snoring! I was up twice as well and she was sound asleep both times, so we are out of sync there. The GvHD is still a bit strong so I haven’t reduced the steroid dose yet, but as I expected the Noxafil has run out as of this morning’s dose so I switched to the Itraconazole replacement this evening. I felt a lot better after lunch so maybe this flare up is subsiding.

I went to the local hospital this morning for catheter flushing. I had to retrain the nurse as I am the only Hickman they ever see and the last time she saw me was in November before I went to Singapore. And she has been on maternity leave until today so she was thrown in at the deep end.

I had lunch with a very close friend who is Dutch and has been a great supporter during this whole illness. He even flew to HK when I was diagnosed and got himself on the bone marrow registry there to see if he could be my donor! Selflessness and friendship at that level is so very special; I hope that we can repay him one day.  He will be up at 2:45am tomorrow morning to watch the Euro 2012 Netherlands v Germany match in a local pub. That’s dedication! Of course, being British, for me it is easy to support the Dutch tonight and I will support them in every one of their games unless they are playing England. And I will support any team that plays Germany.

Sam and I watched Iron Sky this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one of those so bad it’s good movies. We played spot the movie reference of which there are plenty, the best being the classic Hitler rant scene from Downfall.


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