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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I woke up late when Sam woke me up to tie his school tie for Speech Day. I was up at 3am and 7am as the GvHD flare-up continues to play havoc with my stomach and Upper GI. About 20 minutes after I took my pre-food drugs before breakfast I had dry heaves for a brief period so I started breakfast with 2 plain pandesal. After the pandesal the fruit did not cause any problems, nor did the fresh Buko juice 20 minutes later or the Itraconazole at noon.

England beating Sweden 3-2 in Euro 2012 overnight helped to boost my good mood from the delightful dinner last night. The warmth and friendship were truly humbling and Sukanya’s speech almost had me in tears. Cecilia came to visit in the afternoon, it was great to see her again after such a long time.

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