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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I went to my first event since returning home this afternoon, the BSM school concert. Linds said that there wouldn’t be that many people there so it would be safe and I really wanted to see Sam perform. It was a good afternoon and I got to see many old friends.

My stomach/upper GI issues continue but have eased slightly. I picked up a useful tip on the GvHD forum that I subscribe to from a woman in Hawaii. Take 1 teaspoon a day of Acidophilus. She says it really helps her so I might give that a try if this doesn’t go away soon. I have stopped drinking coffee as it irritates the upper GI. So now I have a persistent headache from the caffeine withdrawal!

We met Simon and Maureen who we knew from HK days. Their son Thomas just graduated from BSM and is off tomorrow to learn about boat maintenance and do a yacht delivery from Samoa to HK. They came back to our place and we had a long chat to catch up.


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