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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I went to see Dr. Lopez at St. Luke’s Medical Centre first thing this morning to bring him up to speed on my progress. I had sent him my Patient Discharge papers and last blood test results to bring him up to speed. He gave me a brief once over and said I was in good shape. He also gave me a lot of good information on the side effects of the steroid which explained a lot; it causes skin thinning, vision problems, tremors. I told him that giving up coffee yesterday had helped calm things down. He suggested that I alternate the Prednisolone 12.5mg and 10mg alternate days. I’ll take a 10mg dose tomorrow and see what happens.

After that I went to the lawyers who are processing my visa to stay in the Philippines to hand over the completed forms and copies of documents that they require. My last visa expired last year while I was in hospital in HK so we start the process all over again!

I spent the afternoon working on our iPhoto picture library for 1997! All the Album data got lost in a software upgrade so I reconstituted things as Events rather than Albums. It was fascinating! Sam’s birth and baptism pictures, our trip to Vietnam with Tony and Candice, the hand-over of HK from the British back to China, lots of photos of a very cute Francesca.


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