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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I got almost no sleep last night, I was awake from 1am until 4:30am and then was woken up shortly after 5am by Francesca messaging me that she had landed in Abu Dhabi. She arrived home this afternoon and I was at the airport to meet her. Because I was still awake at 2:45am I got up and listened to the Ukraine v England match. England won and Sweden beat France in the other match in the group, So England finish top and will play Italy on Sunday while France have to play Spain.

I went to the hospital in the early afternoon to have my catheter flushed for the last time.

There was a lot of rumbling in my intestines when I was awake in the night but no diarrhoea thankfully, it looks like the Loparamide has worked. I am persisting with the lower dose of the steroid, so far so good. No headache either, so the caffeine withdrawal is over. Just tiredness from the inability to sleep but I am not going back to sleeping pills.

This evening Linds and Sam went to the school’s Sports and Creative Arts Dinner as Sam was receiving an award for drama. I stayed home to keep Francesca company. Usually he gets them for sport so it is nice that he is showing his creative side more. He is very enthusiastic about drama which is great.


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