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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Up early at 6am for my operation. Breakfast and I am ready by 7am so I call James and he says “I have a patient before you, get here at 8:45am”. At 8:30 I set out, initially with the thought of getting a taxi, it’s not that far but it is down a very steep hill all the way. There were so many people waiting on Old Peak Road for taxis that I decided to chance it and walk. When I got to the hospital my legs were like jelly!

The operation was done under local anaesthetic and was quick but afterwards I had to sit in bed pressing on the vein in the right side of my neck for 30 minutes, then they insisted I ate something.

Cesca came to meet me at the hospital and we went for lunch, then to buy Sam a PS3 game in HMV. Afterwards we met Jules for a coffee in Landmark, went to Nespresso, the Apple store and lastly Agnes B in IFC where we met Camille for a quick chat over tea.

After that Cesca went to Causeway Bay to get a new battery put in her watch and meet a classmate from Bristol for dinner, while I went back to the flat to rest and change before heading over to Heng Fa Yuen for dinner. There was way too much food and the highlight was Norma’s Lemon Meringue Pie, made especially for me.

A busy and fruitful day.


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