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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My eyes were poor again this morning; it’s only short vision, medium and long are fine. As per usual they get better during the day. My stomach was fine and my appetite was very good today.

My first in 16 months.

We had a lazy morning then went to the Polo Club for fresh Buko and Mongolian BBQ. We ran into Peter with his Mum and loads of his relatives, one of the people there was a classmate of Linds’ Dad in High School. I had 2 bowls of BBQ and a piece of Bread and Butter pudding. My first MBBQ in 16 months. Thelma, who co-MC’ed our 1997 wedding dinner now works there and she came over to say Hi. I don’t think I have seen her in 13 years.

After lunch we went to GreenBelt 5 because Zara is on sale and Francesca had gift coupons burning a hole in her wallet. Sam and I headed up to Travel Cafe for a drink but it has closed! Rumour had it that it was owned by a senior Department of Tourism official who instructed his/her minions to go hold meetings there over lunch. Maybe the corruption crack down put an end to that so it wasn’t viable any more. I used to go there quite a lot for the Alamid coffee – Civet Cat “processed” coffee.


So we ended up in UCC; I was still hungry so I ordered a Mango crepe. I must be feeling good to eat that much at lunchtime.

The TV installer returned at 6pm with the correct screws for our wall bracket so we put it on the wall and installed the Skype camera, hooked it up to our wireless network, and gave it a thorough going over to familiarise ourselves with all the features. The only thing we didn’t try was the 3D because we only have 1 3D DVD and we couldn’t find it. Sam is so happy now that it is installed and he can use his PS3 again.


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