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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

After the frenetic time in Dumaguete and the long drive yesterday, we decided to have a lazy day today and get pampered in the hotel salon and spa.

The WiFi in the hotel is poorly implemented. At least it’s free, but then it should be for all the crap you have to endure to use it. You need to get a username and password from the front desk, no problem you would think, if the front desk staff have time to answer the phone and give them to you! Then you discover that only 1 person can use it at one time AND you have to enter it every time you go to use your iPad AND it expires at noon every day so you have to get another one. Stupid beyond belief. Add to that the up and down nature of the service and user friendly it isn’t! It’s a hotel, if the WiFi is free then dispense with the stupid usernames and passwords and having to login every time you flip open your iPad.

At lunch time i was not feeling too good so the family went out for Chicken Inasal without me. The Itraconazole still makes me queasy for a time after I take it. When my stomach felt better I went up to the coffee shop and had a Beef burger and fresh Green Mango Juice. As it turns out, the family didn’t want to eat much so they just had gelato!

In the afternoon Linds and Francesca went to the spa and I went to the salon for my foot spa, manicure and pedicure.

In the evening we went to dinner with our close friend, Arlene, whose secretary made all the bookings for us and who has lent us a car and driver while we are in Bacolod.

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