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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

We went to Silay to see the old houses built by the sugar barons. I love these old houses because they were designed for the local weather conditions, with large spaces underneath, triple window covers, high ceilings, internal ventilation openings, sliding panels under the windows to provide further ventilation. The windows have wooden louvres, Capriz shell and wire gauze covers. The wooden louvres allow air but little light, the Capiz shell shutters allow light but no air and the wire gauze allows both. At the top of the internal walls are openings for cross ventilation. Modern architects should take note if they want to design more energy efficient homes! Linds knows that I have always wanted to live in one of these types of houses.

In the second house that we visited I suddenly felt very nauseous and had to go outside. Drinking a small bottle of water and sitting in the breeze helped.

In the evening we went to Mely’s Garden for dinner and Calea for dessert. You can’t come to Bacolod without putting on weight!

In the morning Sam, Francesca and I had been to see the Provincial Capitol Building, then had lunch at Bacolod Chicken House. No visit to Bacolod is complete until you have eaten there. To hell with the expense, we ate in the air conditioned room and paid the 10% surcharge.

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