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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

My stomach was very queasy today which made lunch a struggle, plus my sinuses were blocked so I felt sluggish all day.

We visited the Bacolod Football Stadium and the Talisay Ruins in the morning. Negros has a higher concentration of football players than other islands due to the Spanish settlers. The Ruins are the remains of a large mansion. The marketing slogan “The Taj Mahal of the Philippines” shows a profound ignorance of the scale and purpose of the Taj Mahal and a capacity for hyperbole that beats everything I have seen in this telenovela of a country.

After lunch we went back to Silay to visit the Banay Negrense, the third of the old houses open to the public. It is slightly different from the others and was built by Yves Gaston, the Frenchman who founded the sugar industry on which Negros’ wealth was built.

Then to the airport and an uneventful, but delayed, flight back to Manila.


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