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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today I woke up feeling really awful. Just what I needed with a flight ahead of me! Even on the way to the airport I was seriously thinking about cancelling the trip, my stomach felt that bad and my hands were shaking. But I persevered, checked in, no Immigration hassle, and headed for the CX lounge. Which was crowded because the flight before mine hadn’t boarded yet. There was a large Sikh gentleman sitting on a 2 seater sofa so I plonked myself down next to him.

Another passenger on my flight tried to switch to the earlier one but it was completely full, Business class on my flight had about 10 people in it. That’s how I like it, nice and quiet and not too many potential sources of infection.

Waiting in the Lounge I started to feel better, then the announcement of a 40 minute delay was made. Then they announced the new boarding time and it was obvious that the departure time they had given a few minutes earlier was not going to happen. We ended up departing 1:05 late. The flight had some rough patches due to us flying through a Typhoon. The seat belt sign was on the entire flight and no hot drinks were served. I did manage to eat most of the lunch which was a good thing as it turned out.

We landed in HK and Typhoon 3 signal was up. The Typhoon which had ruined everyone’s weekend in Manila was hitting HK so I got to experience it twice! Nice!

I took the train to HK Station and the fun started. Lots of people were already in the taxi queues but I decided to join them rather than go up to Departures as it was raining extremely hard. Taxis were coming at about 1 per minute so I reckoned I would have to wait about 30 minutes. Then signal 8 went up and office workers started to go home and there were no taxis coming down to Arrivals. I really didn’t have much choice but to wait it out. Where I had to go I couldn’t take a Bus or MTR.

Gradually people in front of me gave up and i was soon at the front of my queue. I tried sitting on my suitcase but it scooted away from under me and I ended up on the floor looking like a complete idiot. Cap came to join me and brought me water, I gave her the fresh mangos and Bizu macaroons that I had brought for her.  We were supposed to have dinner but postponed it until tomorrow night.

Eventually a lone taxi appeared; after over 3 hours waiting I was finally on my way to Old Peak Road! My total journey time was 9.5 hours. The standing in the taxi queue for so long gave me a sore back and sore feet. But I am here, I had a light dinner and am preparing for the check up tomorrow. I have to fast from midnight so I will be a grumpy lad until after the blood taking at 10am.


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