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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.



The Typhoon which hit HK overnight was the worst in 13 years, signal 10 went up for a few hours during the night apparently. By morning it was back to signal 8. To get a taxi to take me to the hospital for my check up I had to pay a premium.  The taxi had difficulty getting in and out of the apartment buildings as there were 3 trees down! There was a considerable amount of debris along all the roads.

I got to the hospital at 9:30am and went for my blood test and Chest X-ray.Then I went to the RHKYC for a late breakfast but everything was closed. Two huge trees outside the club entrance were down. Those trees have been there since I first joined as an Associate Member in 1985! So sad. I walked to Causeway Bay through the tunnel and got something to eat, by which time Signal 3 was up and the trams started to run again, so I took the tram back to the hospital.

Raymond saw me at 11:30! In all the years he has been looking after me this is, as far as I remember, the first time I have ever seen him before my actual appointment time. The consultation was quite long because we discussed the experimental Azacitidine treatment. He gave me another paper to read which reports on a small scale trial.  The upshot of the discussion was that my immunosuppressive drugs need to be tapered off some more before he feels comfortable starting the treatment, so no rush.

After the consultation I headed for the Pharmacy to pick up my 5 weeks supply of drugs. They were unable to fill the ciclosporin prescription. I need 280 10mg tablets and they only had 120. I have to call them tomorrow to see if they have sourced the rest. I have plenty of 25mg tablets left in Manila, so if they can’t fill the prescription I will use those and have a 45:35 dose instead of 40:40.

The good news is that my blood levels are OK, in fact my Haemoglobin is the highest that I have seen it since the transplant. The cyclosporin dose is reduced from 100mg to 80mg per day, the Itraconazole dose is halved (I really don’t like that drug!), and the Prednisolone is reduced from 7.5mg to 5mg but after 2 weeks I am to stop taking it.

I had lunch and dinner with friends and did some packing. Tomorrow is a shopping and seeing friends day.

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