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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Today I am in Hong Kong for my monthly check up. I’ve been having nausea and vomiting problems for some time now which seemed to have started with the switch from Noxafil to Sporanox. 2 or 3 times a week I have been throwing up before breakfast and at other meals I will just look at the food and say “sorry, I can’t eat this”. It happened at lunch today after my check up. We went to a Japanese Curry house in Windsor House. I sat down, looked at the menu and, just from the pictures, I knew we were in the wrong place. So we went to a Noodle shop and I had Ebi Tempura with Udon; Cap had cold Soba. Yesterday I wasn’t sure until I got to the airport in Manila whether I would be on the plane. I had been throwing up quite violently from about 7:30am to 8:30am and was feeling weak and queasy.

Anyway, back to the little matter of my check up. I am OK. I’m anaemic, but that’s normal. My Haemoglobin has gone down very slightly again, but my Creatinine is the best that it has been for 4 months which means that either my kidneys are functioning better or I gamed the test by drinking a lot of water before the blood test this morning! The Chest X-Ray shows no change.

My drugs have been adjusted again. The Cyclosporin has been reduced from 60mg a day to 50mg, the Acyclovir which has been at 800mg a day since the start is reduced to 500mg of another antiviral drug which is a derivative of it. But the big news, dear reader, is that the dreaded Sporanox has been stopped. Hooray! Sound the trumpets and ring the church bells throughout the land! Tonight I will ceremonially pour the remains of the bottle which I have with me down the drain. Hopefully in a few days my stomach will start to return to normal and I won’t be such a picky eater.

Raymond is pleased with my progress, and I am eternally grateful that I have such a great guy as my haematologist. Thank you James for finding him for me way back in June 2009. Next month it’s back to Singapore to see Dr. Goh.

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