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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Slowly but surely my appetite is returning. I still have the occasional upchuck in the morning, but much less frequently than before, and the chance of me sitting down to dinner, looking at the food and saying “I can’t eat this” is getting less and less. The past 2 nights I have eaten quite a lot of pasta for dinner. Itraconazole, I consign you to the bowels of hell!

Now I need to get rid of the edema and things will really be on the up and up.

Good luck to Bobet and Irish in the Berlin Marathon this weekend. Bobet, you are an inspiration to a great many people, running marathons after all that you have been through and are still going through.

I met a 75 year old Japanese resident of Manila yesterday. He asked me why I was retired when I was so young(!) so I explained about the Leukaemia and the transplant. He then told me that his first wife and his sister both died of Leukaemia. He has donated a lot of money to the Bone Marrow Registry in Japan.

Also last week I met Rick, a Brit in HK, for the first time. Rick is a friend of Marco, a good friend of ours who lives in Bangkok. It turned out that Rick had got himself typed to be a donor by the HK Red Cross in 2009 when I was first diagnosed and the call for a donor drive went out from James. The kindness of strangers to try to save the life of someone they have never met. Another humbling moment for me.

A little bit of sadness this week because Francesca left to go back to Bristol for her final year. She is spending 2 days in Dubai on the way, staying with Marty and Jeremy, friends from way back when in HK. She’ll be home next in December for Christmas and New Year. She interned with 2 media related companies this summer and according to one reference letter that she was given she can almost walk on water. That’s our girl!


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