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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I went in to hospital today for a heart check up as I have been having some chest pains. I came out radioactive and with Shingles!

They injected me with a radioactive isotope and then scanned my heart at rest, during stress and then after the stress. All in all the procedure takes 3.5 – 4 hours with lots of down time in between. They said “wear light casual clothing”. Silly me followed the instructions, forgetting how cold that hospital is! Linds had to bring me a blanket. It takes 6 hours for the isotope to clear your system. The instructions were “Stay away from pregnant women and children under 12. Drink lots of water and when you pee flush 3 times.”

Before going to the hospital I had sent Raymond some pictures of a rash on my back. I didn’t think much of it because one of the drugs I am on can cause rashes. I got an email back “that’s shingles. See a doctor immediately!” So we did as soon as the heart test was over and I am now on large doses of anti-virals every 8 hours. The rash has got worse and has spread to my chest – that explains the chest pains. And as usual there are side effects so I have to have a blood test after 3 days and I’m not allowed to go to work. Not that I feel like working with a nerve in my chest spasming every10 seconds, and a left arm which doesn’t want to lift above the horizontal.


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