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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Linds posted my last blog entry on FaceBook asking for help with the pain. We got so many responses, thank you all. We are trying turmeric tea and Capsaicin cream, the latter donated by Ruth. I drink the turmeric tea 3 times a day and use the cream at the same frequency on the under side of my left arm and my man boob.

I feel like I have been kicked in the left man boob by a horse. The whole thing aches. Holding it relieves the pain.  However I don’t get the shooting pains at anything like the frequency or intensity as before. I’ve noticed that the skin on the under side of my arm doesn’t feel normal when it hurts and before I apply the cream. It feels numb as if the nerves are shut down. The cream normalises it, gives it elasticity again.

I’m still taking the  Lyrica but with longer intervals between doses. All in all some slight progress.


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