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My Bone Marrow Transplant

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

BMT schedules are referred to as Day x where, counting backward or forward from the date of the actual donor cell infusion you refer to dates. In my case Day 0 will be December 15.

The donor is American, male, 50 and A+ blood type, the same as mine.  The transplant will be done using Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (PBSC), much kinder on the donor.

There is always a mortality risk with BMTs. The doctors assess this at 20% for me. Given my age and what my body has been through in the past 9 months those are good odds.

The transplant will be a Reduced Intensity Chemotherapy (RIC) type. This is commonly used for older patients like me.

Expected length of time in hospital: 53 days.

Day -15: stop taking Sorafenib
Day -12: start taking Bactrim

Day -8: Admission, saline for hydration
Day -7: CTscan of abdomen, chest and pelvis
Day -6 through Day -3: conditioning drug regime
Day -3: Cyclosporine (Immune system suppressant drug) starts
Day -2: rest day
Day -1: IV ATG (another immune system suppressor)

Day 0: December 15: Donor cell infusion

Day 18: cells should have grafted
Day 28: Bone marrow biopsy to check that donor cells have grafted successfully

Day 30: First critical milestone
Day 100: Second critical milestone
Day 365: Third critical milestone, getting to this point without a relapse is a really good thing!


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